Zinnia Thumbelina White Ceramic Pot Hydroponic Growing Kit with Seeds

This self-watering growing kit requires very low daily maintenance. The wick will pull water from the pot to the plant root which ensures the plant takes enough water it needs. No need to water frequently. Just refill the pot when there is not much water left.

Enviro Garden brand seeds are guaranteed to germinate. All our seeds are of highest quality, natural, non-GMO and Certified Organic.

Zinnia Thumbelina White Ceramic Pot Hydroponic Growing Kit with Seeds

Zinnia Thumbelina White Ceramic Pot Hydroponic Growing Kit with Seeds

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Plant Care


Refill the water to 16 oz line every other week.


Sunlight or LED plant light.

Who is this best for?

This Zinnia Thumbelina growing kit is for everyone, aspiring gardeners, and even those who just want to grow something.

Did you know?

Hydroponics is the cultivation of plants without using soil.

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  • 100% Organic and Easy to Grow:
       ✓ Germination: 5-10 days
       ✓ Height at Maturity: 6"-12"
       ✓ Days to Maturity: 60-70 days

  • Kit Includes:
       ✓ 1 white ceramic pot
       ✓ 1 net pot with wick
       ✓ 1 pre-seeded growing plug with Zinnia Thumbelina seeds
    (Plant food NOT included due to regulations. Recommended liquid plant food for vegetables available on Amazon.)

  • Quick Start
       ✓ Remove the lid ring and the net pot from the ceramic pot.
       ✓ Add 2 cups (16oz) of water to the pot.
       ✓ Place the net pot and the lid ring back to its place.
       ✓ Remove the plug cover in 7 days or when the seeds begin to sprout.
  • Beautiful and Safe Home Decor

    This artistic flower garden kit can lighten up any home. You can put it on your windowsill, your kitchen counter or anywhere you like. All the seeds are heirloom seeds. We assure you that you can purchase with confidence for you and your loved ones.

    Easy to Grow

    This self-watering growing kit is very friendly for beginners. No experience needed. Start your home garden today!

    Great Gardening Gift

    This kit is a perfect gift for anyone. Impress your family & friends with this beautiful flower starter kit. Every one would be happy to receive a special and interesting gift.